Say Hello to the CO Local Compilation!

September 26, 2017 by Schylar Woods

THEY said it wasn’t possible.

THEY said it couldn’t be done.

But the people asked and the music answered!

Here at CO Local we are very pleased to announce that as of this week, all of the bands chosen to be on the first ever volume of the “This is CO Local” compilation have officially been recorded and the records expected release date is set for mid-October.

So, without any further wait, here’s a list of the artists you can expect to hear on this album (in no specific order).

Casket Path

Between the Heart



Fortune’s Fool

Saustro and the Fruity Loops

Cheap Perfume

Pout House

Soul Vice

Aeterna Reverie

Tavious Soul

Shiii Whaaa

Had I Known

Blind, the Thief



All we can say is, “GET STOKED!” because that’s 16 fierce fucking tracks of badass do-it-together shit.

And of course, a huuuuuuuge thanks to all the musicians who agreed to be a part of this venture with us. Every song on this album is going to be from unreleased material or a new version of a song you already love, so the work that has gone into making it all happen has been extensive. Full disclosure, we actually started working on this project back in May this year!

But don’t fret (get it? that’s a guitar joke), every minute spent on this sucker is going to be well worth the wait.