Co Local Album Review: Postcards-Close But Not Quite

September, 2017 by Zack Hill

It’s getting closer to the end of 2017 and we have seen some incredible things happen in the Colorado music scene. Venues are opening back up, bands are forming left and right, and not to mention the impressive amount of LPs and EPs being released by our local favorites. This month we’re going to focus on Denvers own pop punk power players, Postcards.

Here we have a band who has been in the scene for 5+ years and yet have consistently exceeded our high expectations. The focus is on their recently released EP, “Close but Not Quite”. This four song collection is personal, catchy, and possibly a turning point for the band in general. Opening up with the hit song, “Roses”, a heavily melodic track that has seen a lot of much deserved attention. Lyrically the song focuses on how hard times are sometimes met with religious solutions, but religion isn’t the answer for everyone. Leaving some of us feeling left to wrestle with the truth of our daily struggles.

*Video by TH Visuals

As the EP treks along the lyrics get more personal with songs like “You” and “Monsters” which are focused more on love and challenges we have to face day to day. Still keeping a sing along attitude nevertheless. Closing the release is “Closer to God”. Another song about religion and how belief might help some people get through their day but for others, it’s just another way to conceal their anxieties. Aidan Grapengeter, guitar/vocals, explains how some people use their faith to cover up their mistakes in hopes that it may make them feel like a better person despite their underlying flaws never being fully addressed.

Close but Not Quite is another major stepping stone for this ever evolving band. There’s news of the group writing at the moment which means we might see another release in the near future. As for now, Postcards will be touring the country off and on for the remainder of the year so be sure to catch them live and don’t miss out on singing along to “Roses” with the crowd! As I’m sure much more of the same will be the ongoing expectation from this hometown favorite.