Backseat Vinyl Take The Wheel!

March, 2017 by Alexandra Hall


“Yeah we’re ready. Just eating burritos.”

After interviewing Backseat Vinyl for forty minutes and getting a feel for their sound and personalities, I can tell you with full confidence that the text message above is an accurate representation of the group as a whole.

With their quirky blend of surf rock and indie, Keenan Clarke and Nate Fuller fill out the duo known as Backseat Vinyl. They met during sophomore and junior year of high school respectively, Fuller coaxed Clarke to be his drummer, with his enthusiasm warming over saying, “I just had to suck that loverboy right in!”.


It took time for the project to get off the ground as Clarke reached the same level of confidence in their sound as Fuller secretly had the whole time, the two began the band now called ‘Backseat Vinyl’ after working thru several ‘never-mention-again-please’ band names. The humor of that whole ordeal is not only the origin of the band but also very much the fun quirky core of the bands identity. We mused on their influences as Fuller reflects on Nirvana and the grunge scenes influence on him, as well as Clarke, both of whom agree that incorporating one’s influences properly into one’s creations is key. Clarks details this, “Your influences show your growth and it’s beautiful”. their sound wraps together a broad range of influences not unlike the burritos they were eating earlier in the day. He further details how learning from all different types of music, from jazz to rap, is vital to creating your own sound.

Backseat Vinyl’s newest song, ‘Swing On By’, is the band’s new favorite song to play at live shows. Fuller and Clarke both agree that watching how the audience reacts to this song is what makes it so special, as they use it as a closer now for their live sets. Fuller details the roots of the song, “I’m an over-thinker and I think this song is like me breaking out of that and just doing it. Just do it.” It is a fun, jaunty ride wrapped up in warm, fuzzy guitar riffs with a big sweeping chorus driven pop structure.  ‘Swing on by’ is the kind of song you listen to while you’re sad and instantly want to get up and dance around your room late at night. It is as genuine and honest as it is refreshing.  All setting the stage for a new single coming in October this year and a full-length album planned for February, 2019.

This duo is defined by their high spirits and infectious humor and it shows in volumes in their catchy and fun music that centers itself around a core of sincerity and brutal honesty. When asked about why anyone should listen to or care about their work, Fuller replied, “We like doing what we want and we like what we make. We are different”. I can’t agree more. Following this he stated, “It [our music] fits our cups of tea.” It fits mine too, and it might yours as well. So turn on your spotify, and take a sip… and check out this completely ridiculous video while you’re at it!