I Know What You Are, But Who Am I?

September 19, 2016 by Ely Pierce

 I don’t wanna fucking vote.

And spare me the awkwardly patriotic civic duty guilt trip. The absurdity of the electoral college aside this whole thing is gross and weird and I don’t want to participate. It’s reality TV. It’s sad and lame and makes me feel unwell. I don’t watch beauty pageants for the same reasons! And I certainly don’t participate or vote in those either…. so why should I bother in this? Which brings me to Donald Trump.

Your contempt for Donald Trump does not impress me. Your impassioned online diatribes against the great orange hope himself do not inspire me. I don’t appreciate your disgust. I’m not moved by your outrage. The abominable foe is you. Not the gross, old, rich guy who’s says everything you’d expect a gross old rich guy to say. Fuck that vile pig, fuck voting, and fuck you if you think that’s the only way to change your world.

In a year you’ll be embarrassed you got so caught up in all this shit. Your online protest costs you nothing. You’re memes count for shit. In fact, you only have more respect to gain from your like minded peers by doing so. Compounding upon the echoes within your chamber. by and large establishment liberal values are the mainstream. In fact it’s so widely acceptable that it’s more counter cultural to be blatantly racist or sexist than it is oppose oppression.

Like it or not, Donald Trump is the new punk rock. 

And that’s a weird position to be in for everyone else. Especially if you’re someone who thinks that everyone in this country deserves a fair shake to get ahead as well as equal justice under the law. It should be a bigger problem that those simple tenets start to fade into the background of the conversation while we all rattle our sabers over the small print or offensive language and micro infractures.

In the common vernacular of consumer leftism almost anything can be gift wrapped in social progressivism and sold as “woke”, and thus garnering way more cred than it rightly deserves. When something can be so easily coopted by consumerism. When your sensitivities can be so easily and falsely soothed. By say… I don’t know, TARGET SUPERSTORES, or THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY.  it’s time to start reevaluating its worth to begin worth.

Social politics has its place in every society. But I think it has overstayed its welcome in ours, and far overreached it’s usefulness. There’s still plenty of cultural battles to be fought. Plenty of toxic American traditions that target women and minorities that don’t deserve to be upheld. None of that has anything to do with the law tho. You can’t outlaw hate any more than you can mandate peace. It’s a naive and ridiculous notion. And yet, we are always seeking validation from our government on social issues. I can’t tolerate that absurdity anymore. Which isn’t to say that its not always worth it to change laws or make new legislation. Of course it can be. But there is a spiritual conversation going on that is ultimately what concerns me the most. An air of posturing. Of fake moral superiority. All at the cost of honest discord. I can’t allow disingenuous attitudes to exist within me and I won’t participate in it any longer.

State and Citizen: God and his faithful.

When Bernie dropped out, my generation got their collective hearts broken for the first time. And I get confused when people still pine for him. Because what we should’ve learned was that these people aren’t FOR us. They’re against us. Sanders promises and our disappointment is inreality less like a break up and more like a dodged bullet. The only problem is now we’re all grown up heartbroken folks who instead of maturing and moving on from old beliefs we pine for the innocence and simplicity of our former ignorance. As we hesitate at our pulling out own trigger, having to decide what kind of God are we gonna believe in now. Which political god do we sacrifice our lives and emotional energy to: the Angry God or the Nice God.

Pepsi or Coke? No thanks, I prefer water. 

Why can’t we be political atheists? So many liberals already claim atheism. And yet you worship the state? Why can’t we understand that our belief in god and santa clause have less to do with politics and even reality and so much more to do with our own ego? Why can’t we treat our government not like our friend and ally but rather for what it is, a predatory and abusive animal. An obstacle to peace, A necessary evil. A fucking bloated disgusting shit bird that feeds on your love as much as it does your complacency and has no concern for your desires or your needs. It exists to exploit your insecurities in order to perpetuate its own survival and meet its own ends.

Government is an abusive, narcissistic boyfriend. Dump that piece of shit, girl!  

People’s relationship with their government confuses me. It often looks a lot like courtship. When it should look more like a temporary and highly conditional cease-fire.

Conservatives and liberals should be more accurately regarded as “Hyper-Constructivists” or “Hyper-Deconstructivists”. One, seeking to uphold and defend any and all institutions currently in place. No matter if they actually benefit or aid anyone and god forbid admit when these institutions are blatantly victimizing people. The other, (dem libs) perpetually deconstructing those institutions with no real intentions of making anything better. Just hell bent on picking things apart and tearing things down because the institutions don’t serve or represent them. You’ll notice however when they DO serve them. Those ones are fine. (I.e. The Bern-dawg and free college) Both have their axe to grind. Both just as selfish and self serving. Both claiming to work for a “greater good”. But both very much content in the suffering of others as long as those “others” are ideological foes. Two sides of the same coin. Not realizing the coin is only worth as much we decide it’s worth. All along worshiping a great vacuous wealth who keeps promising to please them but you’ll notice …never actually does.

“If only we lived in a country where everyone agreed with me. I could finally be happy and not at all super unhappy and completely insecure.”

We “legalized” being gay in America. Think about that. We rightly took away the license people had to weirdly and unjustly discriminate against gay people. But we did not end homophobia. Because we can’t. State sanctioned racism was made illegal a long time ago. But racism didn’t end. It even flourished in many communities and institutions since then. Just tucked away behind the scenes. Just as virile and potent as it ever has been, only now it’s culturally taboo. and we congratulate ourselves on civil rights, when all we did was move it underground!

Fuck celebrity presidents. Fuck millionaire senators. Public service should be as dutiful as it is unpleasant. It’s rewards should be far and few between. They shouldn’t make more than an average school teacher. 

Barack Obama is a stone cold murderer. But since he doesn’t brag about it on camera, nobody cares. Since he’s calm and cool and acts like “Mr. nice guy” everybody waves the flag. He says the liberal code words. He runs the world. Sends people to their death. Listens to jay-z, Overthrows regimes and exploits the third world and then turns and smiles with a wink and a craft beer as he smiles big for the buzzfeed exclusive. Dude is a fucking psychopath. And you’re submitting to that same abusive-god dynamic with every vote in every ballot box. And then you’re telling me and others like me we shouldn’t ask for more than that. Like, How dare we!?

I’m sorry but I’m not impressed by social justice politics. And I don’t think anyone should be. Especially when the end result of twenty years of PC Warfare is motherfucking Hilary Clinton pontificating to us while her shit bag rapist husband sits in the stands slowly drifting in and out of consciousness being nudged awake and applauding when prompted. Not unlike the rest of us, really.

Donald Trump being a piggish buffoon is not the conversation we should be having. The stage he stands on that makes him remarkable should be the one we piss on, rage against, and destroy. But instead we cow tow to establishment values. Shaking our fists at the great buffoon as he howls and bellows his archaic rhetoric. We love our idols, our political gods. Especially those that represent our enemy. But I promise you, he’s a scarecrow. He’s no more representative of the right than Hilary is of the left.

So Stop ?Worshiping ?these ? Shit heads.?

Organize yourselves. If you wanna make change, Love somebody. Start with your friends, your family, your kids, your community. Become a teacher, not a preacher.

There have been generations of politicians sitting idly by while black people got targeted, murdered, and abused by the system and they did nothing. But what are they doing now? Talking nice to shut you up because they know capitalism is inherently tied to inequality. And that black oppression is good for business. And what are we asked to do in return? …Thank them! We’re asked to be grateful for the scraps they toss us. (Hilary)

My point is. There’s a much more valuable conversation that isn’t going on because we’re all caught up talking about HOW the conversation should be going…

Let’s say you have a job and you have the tools to do that job but you find the tools you have aren’t working. You’re not getting anything done. But instead of getting new tools. You just sit around hoping the old tools start working. Eventually what happens tho is a new dynamic starts evolving where it’s YOU that’s working for the tools … ya know, the tools that STILL don’t do the job. And then you wind up blaming yourself and the people around you for not fulfilling their duty. Forgetting about the job you originally set out to accomplish as you divide and eat one another.

it’s the tools that are broken, Not you, not your peers, not your out-of-touch elders, not the entitled youth culture, ITS THE TOOLS.

Either way, sounds to me like It’s time to get a new fucking hobby. 

I suggest dungeons and dragons. 

-But that’s just me.