A Co Local Review: Bridges Will Break, Votive

November 2016, by Ely Pierce

Bridges Will Break are a lot of things…

Primarily though they are exactly what this community needs and I am so grateful for them. They’ve been working their craft and cutting their teeth as a band for six years now. They are passionate and engaging writers and performers, as well as kind and supportive members of our community. They book and host shows at the house they share and live in together, They frequently tour and perform locally, they support and even fill in for other local bands and they recently recorded their newest six song EP, “Votive” locally as well with Westley Spero at Colorado Springs own, Windogo Studios.

Windogo Studios reputation precedes itself, hosting efforts from some of the best regional bands and their most solid releases to date. Within the last couple years Spero has continually strived to solidify his place in the community as a skilled and qualified engineer. Votive is just another confirmation of his expertise and a welcome addition to his growing roster that I think is well deserving of the praise I’m about to heap on it.

In other words prepare yourself for some shameless fanboy type shit cuz I dug the fuck out of this EP and I don’t care how that makes you feel.

bwbI’m not super familiar with the genre Bridges Will Break may find themselves grouped into. There seems to be a growing brand of (post?)-emo building momentum in the peripheral scope of the underground circuit. I know of a few regional bands who are comparable in at least style and delivery. Bands like Neely, Lowfaith, Sorrytown, and Springs locals, You Never Were share their own blends of emo/indie and post hardcore. BWB definitely bring their own distinct sense of breadth and individuality though. It’d be a shame to pick them apart or force them into a typecast. They truly stand out amongst their peers.

To my weathered and less than hip sensitivities they fall somewhere between Manchester Orchestra and old Polar Bear Club. Transitioning seamlessly in and out of quiet contemplative fragility into big explosive clashes of driving fervency and shrieking desperation. Theres just enough emo coursing thru the framework of Votive to temper the hard edge of its intermittent post punk and  heavier influences. The lyrics have deep veins of remorseful reflection which manifest a brand of urgency thats hard to fake and even harder to ignore. Honesty is the only language this music will allow, theres no room for anything else, as harsh and demanding as you want it to be.


The alternating vocals of Zach Bauer and Taylor Ashley are one of those curiously beautiful relationships. They’re so perfectly in sync that it makes me wonder how the hell these people even found each other. I didn’t realize that they split up vocal duties 50/50. I thought it was only one incredibly talented vocalist, turns out its two. Theres so much strength behind these guys vocals they are both equally outstanding performers. Their tones altho differing are consistent in both vision and execution. Their careful and well placed intonations only highlighted by their shared ability to slide from pitched screaming to emotive singing. It is so tender and raw. They could be doing this every night and still sound just as genuine and well executed as when they first wrote it.

If he were singing it to me I would believe him. In fact I do believe him.

-Fuck it I believe IN him and I can’t even explain why.

Theres a lot going on in Votive, its hard to pick one thing and dwell on it let alone praise one single element over another. As soon as one impression washes over you, another arrives to take its place. Making way for a genuinely engaging listening experience. A series of overlapping textures and influences making room for relentless depth and character that I almost find exhausting. From the temperamental riding vibes of “Don’t Come Back Alive” to the tender and downright pop rock laden hooks of “Full Circle”. They press in on they’re unique blend, taking chances on their sometimes even risky gamut of dramatic impressions.

As much as this leaves its mark as an impressive and qualified effort, it also feels a lot like an introduction to this band and what they want to do, that this is only the beginning. Despite it being as honest and raw as it very often is, I get the distinction that there is so much more to discover about Bridges Will Break and I think thats what excites me the most about them. Votive is a great record, and I don’t mean “by local standards”. It is a flat out great listen, written by great performers, recorded expertly and tastefully. At times It skirts this fine line of pop sensitivity and punk integrity. I think if your careful you’ll see what I mean, there still some rebel left in these heartbreakers.

But I’m confident we’ll see even bigger and brighter things for and from them in the future.

This is not only a band to go and check out right now but also to keep watch on as well. With the intensity of this EP, I can’t imagine them backing down now. And if they ante up you bet your ass they’ll be shaking things up.

And that should frighten you motherfuckers. 

Cuz that bar is getting raised high as fuck and I can’t encourage it enough. 

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